About  Aurelie

Aurelie is a healer and a visionary thinker. She specializes in holding one's tone and grounding while riding the wild creative juices which become available to us in pivotal life moments when we are called to Dream Bigger. She gets most excited by projects which are seemingly impossible to realize. 


Aurelie has a longtime passion for engaging high-level human potential. She received a Ph.D from Columbia University for her work on Native American empowerment, for which she interviewed lawyers who pioneered new ways to represent Indian tribes, creating the most profound shift in the history of Indian rights representation. While finishing her Ph.D, Aurelie worked with a team of lawyers specialized in Indian rights on a project sponsored by the National Park Service at the University of Colorado Law School, to determine which Native American rights were still valid in park units. Working on the project made her realize that the question of Indian rights is currently philosophically and economically unsolvable. She decided to redirect her focus into blending that knowledge with her healing gifts.

Aurelie's work combines a deep calming of the nervous system with ancestral intuitive healing knowledge & practice. She works through a direct connection with the Divine. She is here to help people and places transform their energy from pilot-mode to vibrantly alive. By liberating our power to create, we can reclaim full direction over our lives and create our Destiny rather than following it. 


She is dedicated to Ancient Wisdom as contained in the original Dharma, Bible, and yogic philosophies of Paramhansa Yogananda and Sri Aurobindo. Aurelie believes in heart-based non-marketing, soulful signature, conscious calmness (as opposed to business), experiential non-cathartic body psychotherapy, knowledge of and relating to the nervous system as a pathway into the soul, adult development and a direct engagement with the unseen. 


Aurelie is also a writer, a dancer, a poet, and a free spirit. She believes that we are here to carve out the beautiful lives we imagine in our most enchanted visions. It is this reclaiming of our unique and profound power which allows us to effortlessly shine in the world beyond our wildest dreams.

"As a river creates the banks which hold it, so the energy which seeks truth creates its own discipline without any form of imposition; and as the river finds the sea, so that energy finds its own freedom."