"For the most important part of my task, and the part which chiefly led me to undertake it, was the explanation of this night to many souls who pass through it and yet know nothing about it."

St. John's Dark Night of the Soul



Golden Energy Baths

Alignment with Natural Cycles

Healing Hindering Patterns

Auric Field Care

Tao Flow


Deep Dive

Liberating Our Shadows

Depression as Portal into Our Treasures

Healthy Foundations for Self, Relationships & Earth

Mapping Our Unique Emotional World

Rebuilding from Nothing

The End as Rebirth


Spiritual Initiations

Sacred Women's Rhythms

Mapping Our Unique Spiritual World

Finding the Light in a Dark Night of the Soul

Understanding & Choosing at Crossroads on the Path

Passing Through Transformational Gates

Navigation Compass for the Unknown

Soul Fragment Retrieval



Career to Calling

Project-Specific Collaboration

Understanding & Liberating Creative Blocks

Traveling Magician