"For the most important part of my task, and the part which chiefly led me to undertake it, was the explanation of this night to many souls who pass through it and yet know nothing about it."

St. John's Dark Night of the Soul


I have a gift to guide you into energetic balance, which then restores overall health and empowerment. If you feel stressed by a recurring issue, you might be ripe for your seasonal energetic clearing!

We all receive our fair share of energetic abuse from all directions. It is possible not to be negatively affected by other people's energies, and it is possible to stay centered in our divine yumminess...

Energetic dissonance in our system tends to keep us from connecting with our true deep self.

I am able to map it with you and restore energetic harmony for you. We will be in conversation the whole time.

Your energetic structure is very specific to you and this moment in your life. And the way I approach dissonance is as a treasure waiting to speak up and be heard by you. It is showing itself to you in order to be understood, felt, and liberated, so that you are freer in mind-body-spirit. Your dissonance is here to help you find your way back to homeostasis. It is a friend. And it is magical.

My technique is non-cathartic and peaceful, and is here to bring you back to your own inner wisdom, light, and love.

If you are ready for a session together, please write me an email at goldenjoynow@gmail.com

I am currently on a sliding scale of $150-185

If you catch me in person while on tour in Europe: 100 euros

If you are intrigued but not quite sure you are ready to jump in quite yet, I recommend reading The Gift of our Compulsions. It's a good start.