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Universities and colleges lose well over 50% of their potential through a lack of awareness of the emotional health of their students. That potential can be unlocked.

The journey through graduate, law and business school confronts students with very specific emotions attached to moving through the successive phases of an academic program. But students often have to discover these as they go, generating an unnecessary amount of stress which often dulls their performance, adds pressure on faculty and staff and delays the time to graduation, costing academic institutions funds which could be used toward other goals. 


Talks & Workshops for Students

Outline the emotional phases of grad, law and business school for your students and details how they can effectively stay informed, confident and independent in successfully, efficiently and happily navigate their program

Training for Faculty, Staff & Admins 

~ Relieves faculty, staff and admins from the time spent on simple but time-consuming information sharing with students caused by a lack of awareness and streamlining related to successfully and happily moving through a program

~ Informs faculty, departmental staff and admins about the specific immigration-related and cultural challenges faced by international students which are too often deferred exclusively to the Office of International Students and Scholars, leaving students in limbo between their department and external support with a lack of a sense of belonging on campus

Chill Hive | Connecting in Corporate 


Ever wished it didn't take so much booze to have a simple personal conversation with your colleagues?

For a work environment that feels like a consistent and reliable group of friends rather than walking on egg shells?

For a supportive bubble where you can also brainstorm your weird creative ideas which started as hobbies and        could turn into the coolest project at work or beyond?

It's possible... and it's simple to accomplish.

If you are part of a company who: 

~ Understands the power of all-around human creativity,

~ Believes in every single of its employees thriving both in and outside of their jobs, and

~ Wants to foster tighter collaborations within and across the various levels of your organization,


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