Artwork by Shiloh Sophia McCloud

We are holding space for a vision to land:

Meditation spaces where people can come to unfold and create, from the soul.


Starter Sister Locations: Carmel Highlands and Carmel Valley, California.


We are calling for sponsors, giftors, donors


CARMEL HIGHLANDS: Rose Sanctuary for Visionary Meditation, director selected


* One-on-One Visionary Meditation Retreats for established mid-career actors ready to take the deep dive 

* Small-Group Visionary Meditation Retreats offering tailored support, activating visionary projects 

* Individual Writer's Retreats for established writers to work in need of tuning in with creativity at the deepest level

CARMEL VALLEY: Name of Center still to be determined, director and spiritual teacher both selected

* Nature Education Programs for Youth

* Transgender Retreats

Heart Circles for people to come together

* Inner Explorations in the Wild in select sacred places north and south of the Monterey Peninsula

* Ateliers Featuring Local & International Healers working in diverse modalities and traditions 

* More to be determined

We have found the properties. They are ready to be moved into yesterday... Both are fully equipped and modulable with endless gorgeous accommodation, parking, numerous indoors and outdoors meditation spaces and outdoors pathways, an artist's studio and a yoga/pilates/dance space on both properties, spectacular views and the sacred humming of the ocean on one property, surrounded by cypress and pine trees, flowers, fruit trees, forest wonderland on the other comprising garden beds and other nature-oriented features...

Combined Cost of Properties: $4,274,000 

Additional Costs: Property acquisition fees, closing costs, taxes, insurance, salaries, maintenance, etc.

This space will be part of a circle of 41 centers which have asked to be created in the coming years. The project will create job positions which are aligned with new ways to engage what is traditionally thought of as a 'company,'  including honest compensation. We mean the word literally, and want to be in Really Good company. The vision is massive. We will welcome additional adequate support. If you feel called to join,

"May you walk neither too slowly nor too fast but always according to the laws and the requirements of the Road."


Paulo Coelho, The Pilgrimage