Artwork by Shiloh Sophia McCloud

A quest for a miracle is on to locate a space for a Sanctuary for Blooming in Carmel Highlands, CA.

A Grounding Place for Alchemical Writing 

Aurelie is currently in the process of translating the spiritual journey into a language which most people could relate to through both non-fiction and fiction books

Guided One-on-One Retreats  

combining an intellectual understanding and an experiential approach to the spiritual journey 

Inner Explorations in the Wild

in select sacred places north and south of the Monterey Peninsula

Ateliers Featuring Local & International Healers 

working in diverse modalities and traditions including crystal bowls, music, song...

"May you walk neither too slowly nor too fast but always according to the laws and the requirements of the Road."


Paulo Coelho, The Pilgrimage