Artwork by Shiloh Sophia McCloud

We are holding space for a vision to land: A space where people can come to unfold and create.


Location: Carmel Highlands, CA.




What we have found:

- a vision anchored in a profound tone as well as sky-high creativity

- a place, which is ready to be moved into yesterday... fully equipped and modulable with endless gorgeous accommodation, parking, meditation spaces (including an enclosed outdoors den) and walking labyrinths, an artist's studio, spectacular views and the sacred humming of the ocean, surrounded by cypress and pine trees, flowers, fruit trees...

- an agent to assist in purchasing the place

- a lender, if needed

What we are seeking:

- Sponsors, or giftors

Cost: $2,695,000 

What the place will be used as:

- A Grounding Place for artists and others interested in rising to new heights

- Guided One-on-One Experiential Retreats  

- Small Group Connective Retreats

- Heart Circles for people to come together

- Inner Explorations in the Wild in select sacred places north and south of the Monterey Peninsula

- Ateliers Featuring Local & International Healers working in diverse modalities and traditions 

Every retreat will offer:

Tailored support - to tune in with our core and sacred self

Social Activities - to establish connections with other people walking a similar path and create opportunities for the future

Creative Arts & Thinking - to create enchanting experiences on this planet, for as many people as possible

This space will be part of a circle of 41 other centers which have asked to be created in the coming years. The project will create job positions which are aligned with new ways to engage what is traditionally thought of as a 'company,'  including honest compensation. We mean the word literally, and want to be in Really Good company. The vision is massive. We will welcome additional adequate support. If you feel called to join:

"May you walk neither too slowly nor too fast but always according to the laws and the requirements of the Road."


Paulo Coelho, The Pilgrimage