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The Wounded vs. the Empowered Empath

Updated: Jun 16, 2019

With a bit of knowledge and/or experience, it is fairly easy to start distinguishing a wounded empath from an empowered empath.

What unhealed/wounded empaths tend to act like

Someone who cares deeply about others and go way beyond the extra mile to help others, extend a hand to those in extreme distress (suicidal tendencies, people going through a dark episode in their lives, people stuck in a rut or dark hole of despair or disempowerment), AND are losing their emotional and energetic balance in the process.

This translates into the following: explosions of anger, sadness, depression or despair after helping the world around them, constant frustration at not being able to do enough, being angry at loved ones once you get home after trying to save the world at work all day, isolating oneself. Wounded empaths share characteristics of the martyr and sometimes even of the narcissist's archetypal behaviors.

[in chapter: modern psychology has often clearly distinguished empath and narcissist, usually with the perspective that they tend to attract each other, the empath being at the service and losing their enrgy to the narcissist, who is unsavable and predatory. Turns out, narcissists can also be unhealed –and unaware – empaths themselves. And empaths can be prior narcissists still working with that part of themselves.

What healed and empowered empaths tend to look and feel like

People who are able to hold space for others to do their own process of healing and empowerment, while maintaining healthy boundaries for themselves as well as in relation. Fluidity and flexibility of perspectives, ability to adapt to the situation and person they are in interaction with through present moment presence, while being nourished and energized by the interaction.

Empathy as True Gift

Empathy is truly a gift, which most empaths either see as a curse or remain superficial with engaging it. Most empaths, in fact, do not engage their gifts at all, defaulting instead to talking about it, venting about it on social media platforms where people can now connect with people like them (try entering empath in the Facebook search box and see what comes up). These platforms can help you get over the hunch of one the various situations you are, as a normal human being, engaging on a given day. What they cannot do is provide a serious and supportive forum for educating yourself about how to use those gifts.

Not knowing that you are an empath, or how to use your gifts, can lead you to miss the point of your life, and to struggle in family, love as well as professional relationships where you could thrive if you knew what to do with them.

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