Founder of a visionary earthship artist retreat 
A ngela, 

'Aurelie is an incredible space holder for personal transformation. Our spontaneous work has been a touchstone and major catalyst for deep-feeling transformations that keep raining down upon me like flower petals from the sky.'  

Rapping artist and lawyer using the arts to restore natural and human vitality
J orge, 

"Aurelie is AMAZING. Her style is unique and very special. She loosens knots and fascia of the spirit."  

Healing artist

'During our phone sessions in French, Aurelie enabled me to clarify a question and discern what was present that I wasn't seeing. She helped me to feel what resonated in me. She was a precious support in orienting me through my emotions without getting lost. I felt her presence very intimately, as if she had captured my life through my own eyes.' 

Artwork by James R. Eads

D  ustin,
Body psychotherapist  

'Aurélie holds a spacious consideration, and brings, smoothly and gracefully, rich questions to bear that help to illuminate both your inherent wisdom and latent potentials. She is a spark and powerhouse of joy, perspective, and compassion to compose with.'

Artwork by William Blake

A    .
Family Coach

Artwork by William Blake

C   amille,
Traveling Ancestral Healer

'Aurélie shines with light and truth. Her connection is delicate yet intense, like a blossoming flower. And this blossoming flower is you, creating a life of empowerment and purpose in the supportive energy and space. Thank you!' 

'Aurelie has a brilliant mind with a unique perception, and a sincerely loving heart. She will support you to new and deeper understanding about yourself and inspire you on your life's path.' 

Light Painting by Margarita Rubiera

S   ean
Personal Trainer

'I don't know how she does it, but every time I speak with Aurelie, my mind gets clear and I feel like I know exactly what needs to be done. If this is her innate skill, it's worth its weight in gold.' 

T. T.
Transitioning into womanhood

'Aurelie is a bright light of positive and clarifying energy. We instantly connected. She held a safe space for me and tuned in to how I was feeling without me saying anything. She is an intense listener, offers great insights, and is a powerful healer. She helped guide me through internal struggles that I have been dealing with for a long time and helped me set me on the path toward living more authentically. Thanks Aurelie!​'

Artwork by James R. Eads